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“God, I don’t know who You are or if You are real, but if You are out there, either help me or take me out of this world because I can no longer live like this.”

After seven years of drug abuse, I found myself at my bedside on my knees, crying out to God.  I was addicted to drugs and had lost all hope of ever being able to get free from them.  I had destroyed my life and put my family through so much, I wanted to die.

God heard my cries for help and He answered them.  Through some circumstances, I was introduced to TEEN CHALLENGE.  Through that program, I developed a relationship with God that has changed me and my life.  It has not been easy but with that relationshi p with God and the new way of living, I learned through TEEN CHALLENGE that my life now has meaning and purpose.  I thank God for that program as without it, I would have not made it.

Please help us give others a chance because EVERY life matters to God.

~ Local TEEN CHALLENGE Graduate

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