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The Need

The Need
There is a great need for a long-term, Christ-centered life recovery program for local individuals that have succumbed to life-controlling problems such as drug addictions. Huron County is currently experiencing an epidemic heroin situation that is resulting in tragic deaths, devastation and extremely high crime rates. Over 85% of the major crime committed in Huron County is heroin related. Numerous deaths have occurred from drug overdoses and suicide in our local area due to drug addiction.

Starfish Project, Inc.
The Starfish Project was created by concerned community members and pastors in hopes of providing funds to enable individuals with ” life-controlling problems” such as drug addiction, to participate in the Teen Challenge Program and obtain a healthy life of recovery and spirituality.

What is a Life-Controlling Problem?
Almost anything can be: pride, food, power, sex, love of money, drugs , alcohol, sports, depression, gambling, fame, fear …anything that masters our lives. These are some of the more obvious life-controlling problems that both men and women struggle with everyday. These problems know no gender, age, race, or financial status. No one ever sets out to become controlled by any of these seemingly hopeless traps, but …

There is Hope!


After seven years of drug abuse, I found myself at my bedside on my knees, crying out to God.  I was addicted to drugs and had lost all hope of ever being able to get free from them.  I had destroyed my life and put my family through so much, I wanted to die.

God heard my cries for help and He answered them.  Through some circumstances, I was introduced to TEEN CHALLENGE.  Through that program, I developed a relationship with God that has changed me and my life.  It has not been easy but with that relationshi p with God and the new way of living, I learned through TEEN CHALLENGE that my life now has meaning and purpose.  I thank God for that program as without it, I would have not made it.

Please help us give others a chance because EVERY life matters to God.

~ Local TEEN CHALLENGE Graduate

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